Water drainage is vital to prevent erosion and damage to your property. Poor drainage can also threaten the structural integrity of your home.

Be on the lookout for signs of poor drainage, especially the less obvious ones.

The 6 Worst Signs of Bad Yard Drainage

Here are the top 6 signs that indicate you have poor yard drainage:

1. Soil Erosion Occurs During Rainfall

If the soil in your yard doesn’t absorb water properly, it can cause drainage issues. Water that washes over the topsoil and mulch can create puddles or run-off that affect the growth of your grass and plants. Additionally, this water can seep into your home’s foundation and cause serious damage.

2. Your Yard’s Soil Is Eroding

Excess water can erode soil, causing fissures, pits, and movements. This is especially dangerous around walkways, patios, and foundations, as it can cause collapse. Soil erosion can also jeopardize a home’s structural integrity if it exposes too much of the foundation.

3. Water Can Pool In Areas Around Your Home

If water is pooling around your home’s foundation, it’s a sign that your gutters are not providing proper drainage. Other indicators include mud splatters on your home’s siding, mud or dirt streaks on the sides of your gutters, and paint peeling from your home.

4. You Have A Wet Crawlspace

A wet crawlspace can cause many problems for a home, including mold and mildew growth, negative effects on indoor air quality, and structural damage. Pools of water also attract pests like insects and rodents.

5. Your Wood Floor Is Warping

If your yard doesn’t have a good drainage system, water can seep into your crawlspace and erode the soil around your foundation. Too much moisture in your crawlspace or movement in your foundation can make your floorboards warp, bow, or pop out.

6. You Have Clogged Gutters And Drains

Wind, storms, and other natural occurrences can blow leaves, dirt, trash, and stones around your yard. This can clog your yard drains and prevent them from properly removing water from your home.

Top Solutions for Poor Yard Drainage

Each property has its share of drainage issues. If there is a slope on your property, water can collect at the base unless you construct a way to prevent it. The type of soil on your property is also vital to consider. If your soil does not drain well, you should get a yard drainage system installed to prevent pools of water and erosion.

Our Paducah landscapers are experienced in installing drainage systems, including:

  • French drains
  • Rain gardens
  • Dry wells
  • Trenching etc.

We can also grade land to create the proper slope for drainage. If you notice any drainage problems in your garden, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Final Words

Poor yard drainage can lead to serious problems, including flooding, Foundation damage, mold and mildew growth. To avoid these problems, it is vital to have a well-designed and well-maintained yard drainage system. For the installation of a proper drainage system, reach out to us.

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