Everyone enjoys spending time in a backyard that has beautifully manicured green grass. However, drainage water can ruin everything. There might be water all over your yard due to drainage problems. It would ruin your outdoor living space and make it unusable. This post takes a look at what you can do if you have a swampy backyard.

Backyard Drainage Issues

Although some backyard drainage issues may be easy to spot, others require some investigation. The following signs reveal that a backyard has drainage issues.

  • Water stains on the foundation of the property.
  • Water pooling underneath.
  • Fissure and divot formation which indicates soil erosion.
  • Random patches of overgrown grass.
  • Excessive soggy spots in the backyard.
  • Large puddles of standing or pooling water.

Causes of Backyard Drainage Issues

There are various factors that can cause backyard drainage issues. Identifying the cause of the drainage issues is the first step that you can take towards finding a solution. The following are some of the causes of backyard drainage issues.

  • Improper installation of landscape features such as a deck or fence.
  • Poorly maintained downspouts.
  • Improper backyard sloping and grading.
  • Compacted soil such as if the soil contains a ton of clay.

Solutions to Solve Drainage Issues in Your Backyard

1. Install a Dry River Bed

One of the most-effective ways to solve drainage issues in your backyard is to install a dry river bed. It requires a moderate skill level to achieve. A driver river bed provides a shallow ditch that allows for natural drainage. Besides, it is also beautiful. You will need to line the bed with natural river stone and rock to stop erosion. Make sure that the stone has a consistent size. It should not be more than six inches in diameter. If you hire a professional, you will get to transform the outdoor living space.

2. Create Dry Wells

Another great solution that you should consider is creating dry wells. These underground catch-basins help store and disperse water deep into the ground. Creating dry wells requires a moderate skill level. You can count on them to deal with drainage problems close to the property. Keep in mind that the worse the drainage problem the larger the hole must be. It should be deep enough for the water to drain into the subsurface layer of the soil. You must line the well with landscape filter fabric and fill it with gravel. You can use decorative stone after the filter fabric folds over the top.

3. Drain Pipe and Inlets

The easiest way to deal with the drainage issue in your backyard requires you to turn to drain pipe and inlets. It would ensure that the water quickly moves away from the wet areas. You should utilize perforated drain pipe to get the job done. However, it is best that you use a combination of the methods for the best outcome.

Hire a Professional for Water Drainage Issues

Even though you can attempt to fix the drainage issues, it is best that you turn to a professional. A landscape designer or architect will come up with the most creative solution to convert your backyard nightmare into a work of art.

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