Almost every property has an underground drainage system that is hidden underneath for removing excess water away. Some drainage systems absorb groundwater, whereas, others collect water that runs through the surface. However, they ensure that water does not enter the crawlspaces or basement. In addition to this, the drains play a huge role in protecting the property from moisture. They also prevent the garden from flooding when there is a storm or maintain the water table to manage waterlogging. Here are some reasons that will make you realize the importance of drains in your backyard.

1. Storm Water Management

One of the main benefits of having drains in your backyard is that they ensure stormwater management. Impervious surfaces like the driveway and rooftop, keep water at bay and prevent it from percolating the soil during heavy rainfall. In order to do this, there is a need for the rainfall to be diverted somewhere. This is where the drainage system comes into place. Without drains, the landscape area such as the garden beds and lawns would be filled with water and flooding would be a high possibility. Downspouts are connected to larger drains and help protect your home during a storm.

2. Groundwater Management

If there are no drains in your backyard, rainwater would simply percolate into the ground and make its way to your basement. It is due to this reason that drains are called curtain drains or French drains as they manage water deep below the surface. They collect all the surface water and consist of pipes that go deep into the trenches. The entire perimeter of your home is surrounded by perforated pipes which are essential for groundwater management.

3. Drainage Easement

There are also drainage ditches and culverts that cover your property and are a part of a much larger infrastructure that is dedicated to stormwater management. A drainage easement is included in your property deed and are permit the homeowner’s association and government authority to assess, monitor, and maintain proper drainage. It is important to note that drains comprise open ditches which lead to large concrete culverts and metal pipes. Property owners are allowed to landscape the property as long as the drains do not get affected.

4. High Water Table

When it comes to low-lying areas, a high water table is something that has to be considered. Subsurface drains are necessary for ensuring that the foundation of the property remains dry. However, they might also be installed in order to improve the drainage to ensure that plants in the area receive adequate water supply. In the past, ceramic drain tiles used to be buried below the surface for landscaping and re-grading. As for modern homes, perforated pipes are used.


After you have finished reading our post, you will know why there are drains in your backyard. It is crucial that you look after the drains and hire an expert for maintenance, especially after a storm or landscaping project.

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