A lush green lawn is something that many of us dream of. If you are exhausted from having to pull out the hose and sprinkler, you might want to get an irrigation system. It is the perfect option for those of you that live in an area which does not receive sufficient rain. This post takes a close look at whether an irrigation system is the right fit for you or not. Let’s get started.

What Is An Irrigation System?

Before we take a close look at whether you need an irrigation system, it is important to know what an irrigation system is. In the simplest of words, it is a system that is designed to take care of all the watering for you so that you can save time and effort. The latest technology has made it possible to know where and when water is required. Thus, busy individuals will find it to be the ultimate solution. Keep your garden green and take advantage of the space to relax and enjoy your spare time.

Why You Need An Irrigation System?

Saves Water

One of the main reasons why you need an irrigation system is because it helps save water. Since water is a valuable resource, it is crucial that you try your level best to conserve it. With smart irrigation, you get to automate watering and ensure that no water is wasted. Only the right amount of water would be supplied at the right location. The system assesses the soil and waters it accordingly.

Assesses Rainfall Patterns

Another great thing about an irrigation system is that it assesses rainfall patterns and makes changes to ensure that water is utilized in the best way possible. When it comes to irrigation considerations, your location plays a huge role. Living in an arid area would make it difficult to grow and maintain a lawn without irrigation. On the other hand, if your location receives plenty of rainfall, watering should be minimal. Instead of shallow watering daily, steady soaking every few days is highly effective.


1. Lawn Size

When you consider getting an irrigation system, you will need to think about your lawn size. A small lawn can make do with hoses and sprinklers. On the other hand, using sprinklers for a larger lawn is not as practical. Hence, your best option would be an irrigation system.

2. Cost

Before you decide to get an irrigation system, you cannot afford to overlook cost. To assess the cost of installation of the irrigation system, you must factor the lawn size. Expect to spend over $2,000 on the installation. However, there might be additional costs depending on the type of materials used, the number of sprinkler heads required, and the number of watering zones.


Once you have gone over our post, you will know if an irrigation system is the right fit for you. Make sure to invest in proper design as it is essential for economical use of water. If you need a professional evaluation of your needs call Rainwater Services.

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