The lawn is one of those places where you get to sit down and relax. However, it is not always easy to keep the grass lush and green throughout the year or in certain climates. But, there is no need to worry as the following tips will help you keep your lawn green in no time.

10. Train Your Lawn

The most important tip that you need to remember is training your lawn to develop a deep root system. It will help ensure that the roots are strong enough to stand their ground even when it gets very hot and dry during the summer. Giving your lawn long soaks 2-3 times a week should do the trick.

9. Know When You Can Water and When You Should Avoid Watering

An important question that you are likely to think about is when the best time for watering your lawn is. It is recommended that you water the grass the first thing in the morning rather than waiting for the afternoon. It will help ensure that your lawn absorbs moisture and grows well through photosynthesis. If you water when during the hottest time of the day, the water would not get absorbed as it would evaporate.

8. Get Your Lawn to Diet

To keep your lawn green, you must regularly feed it. The grass requires nutrients to remain healthy and happy. You can check out tips to fertilize the lawn.

7. Water the Right Places

Although you might already know that the grass needs to be watered, the watering system might be missing out certain parts. Therefore, you must use a system that waters the grass based on its actual size.

6. Watch Out for Runoff

Now, you must be on the lookout for water that puddles up or becomes runoff. In such a case, you would need to adjust how the system waters or where it is placed.

5. Aerate the Lawn

Similar to any other plant, grass requires oxygen. The cheapest and easiest way to aerate the lawn is by pushing a garden fork into the ground at intervals of about 15cm. You would require a machine if you have a huge yard.

4. Weed Regularly

Weeding your garden is necessary if you want your lawn to look its best. Make sure to do this regularly for the best lawn.

3. Always Use Cold Water for Watering the Lawn

When you water your lawn, you need to always use cold water. There should be no water left inside the system which would heat up and scorch the grass. Eliminate hot water for the best results.

2. Practice Flexibility

Flexibility is the name of the game. If you use an automatic watering system, you need to manually turn it off in case there is a storm or heavy rain. It would prevent the lawn from being excessively watered and getting damaged.

1. Mowing

Finally, you need to be careful about how short the grass it cut when mowing. Your grass needs to have enough height during the hotter months to remain lush and green.


Take advantage of the above tips to keep your lawn green.

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