A question that people tend to think a lot about is why there are drains in their backyard. It can seem strange to come across drains in your backyard on a summer afternoon. However, these drains serve a purpose. Every property has underground drainage systems that are hidden underground. They help convey excess water from the yard and the property.

Some drains keep water out of basements, while others collect water that runs into the surface and others absorb groundwater. In addition to providing your property with protection against excess moisture, the drains prevent planting areas from flooding during a storm or allowing the area to remain waterlogged. The following reasons highlight the importance of drains in your backyard.

  1. Storm Water Management

One of the main reasons why there are drains in your backyard is because of storm water management. Driveways and rooftops are impervious surfaces that prevent water from penetrating into the soil during heavy rainfall. However, it is important to note that the rainfall has to go somewhere. This is where the drainage system comes in handy. To avoid pervious parts of the landscape like garden beds and lawns from becoming inundated and suffering at the hands of erosion, drains collect storm water and remove it to avoid water from collecting and causing damage.

  1. Groundwater Management

Another reason why drains are essential in every backyard is due to the fact that allow groundwater management. When rainwater penetrates into the ground, it flows through a path that causes the least amount of resistance. Thus, it ends up damaging the crawlspace or basement. Drains are extremely important as they prevent surface water from collecting. They are also known as curtain drains or French drains. You will find these perforated pipes around the perimeter of the proper. These pipes stick in the yard just a bit above ground which makes them visible.

  1. Drainage Easements

In addition to the above, you will find drains in your backyard as they serve as drainage easements. It is common for drainage ditches and culverts to run through the property lines for providing large scale storm water infrastructure. In fact, drainage easements are included in the deed of the property to provide the homeowner’s association or the government authority with the right to access the easements for maintenance. The drains might either consist of concrete culverts or open ditches that lead to large-diameter pipes. Property owners will find them to be useful for landscaping.

  1. High Water Table

Finally, drains can be found in your backyard for preventing a high water table. Subsurface drains are apparent in low-lying, swampy areas to provide a foundation to keep the house dry. They also help improve drainage for utilizing the area for plantation. Ceramic drain tiles used to be buried several feet below the surface historically. These drain tiles turned up in the process of landscaping. Today, modern properties use perforated plastic pipes.


Now that you know why drains are found in your backyard, you will be able to respond to anyone that asks you the question.

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